10thing, 1 week


hye everyone.. i'm currently at home. stuck in my room. don't know what to do. so i decided to write on something.

filled my time watching vampire diaries. reading twilight. it's all about vampire. totally in love with it. (just imagine if my boy is a vampire) :PP
hey, how if they're really exist in this world?? and i'm in love with one of them..?? lalalalala... i'm started to talk nonsense.

1 week at home. need to plan to fill my day, avoiding boredom.

1 : need to learn how to use contact lens. (i'm kinda old fashion)
2 : finish up my home-made curtain
3 : tidy up my messy room
4: find and buy wall hanger. prefer wood material, white colour.
5 : create special card for my prince hearty.
6: find suitable MP3 for my mom.
7 : planning for my 2011 aim, no more childish thing like hello kitty. grown up lady....
8 : riding horse (miss it so much)
9 : ain't get any idea yet
10 : study for international finance n entrepreneurship

why study always come to the last thing on my mind????
oh yea, cant wait to see my new baby this Thursday..

till then, bye!

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