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What if you had a baby with the last person you chat?
SYUKUR.. but in another 7years la

If your ex call you, you say?
u ni aphal? jeles tgk i hepi ha?

Name something you are doing now?
dating with my prince hearty

When will you have Starbucks?
no idea. huhu.. kedah ada starbucks kah?

What are your movie?
Princess Diaries!

Are you missing anyone?
my mom, dad n prince hearty!!

Anything you want to say?
i'm on cloud9!

What is on your bed right now?
bantal, selimut, ladybird n cik ted

Where were you today at 10am?
FE05, proses writing class

Who was the last person you kiss?
my mom!

What are you thinking?
my prince!

your last drink?
mango juice

what do you think about life?
a journey. a novel. full of colours and memories

Where is your phone?
right beside me

tv show?
konsert jom heboh

Phone Call?
my mom

CD Played?
princess diaries

ptg smlm. it's already 2a.m

Time YouCried?

last saturday!

right now!

Bought drinks?
with my own money? past 2days.

a minute ago...

THREE Things You Did In The Past Three Days:
say love you?
yup. evrynight.

stay all night?
yup! bt report utk si kekasih 'gelap'. haha!

Eaten Cheese?

So Far in '09:
Laughed Until You Cried?
yup. with my roomate bla kutuk lebah

Who is The Best Hugger you know?
my ladybird and cik ted

Do You Believe In Love?
sangat! hadirku ke dunia atas nama cinta

Chinese, Indian, Malay, American friends?
semua ada!

Have you ever been to Disneyland?
i wish for it

Do you think you've lose weight over the past few months?
jeng3!! dont think so

Do you currently in love?
hehehehehehe.... YUPE!

Would you ever sleep in class?

what make your top friends special?
he always in my heart

Which do you like better,chocolate or ice-cream?

Have you bite anyone for the past few weeks?
i'm not a vampire

Who can you blame for your mood today?
my price hearty. hehe.. always make me smile sorg2

last thing you eat?
nasi n tomyam ayam

What is something you wish you had?
a happy life ever

Have you talk to any friends on your top friends?
every chances we have

Are you sleepy?
agak la..

Pink or red?

Who was the last person you hugged?
sapa ek?? wani kot. tak pun farisha..

What was the first thing you thought last night?

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