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Whats your name?
- mimi. ko tak mntak nma pnuh kn.

When is your birthday?
- 26th dec 1989

How do you feel right now
- missing, tension?

What did you do on your birthday last year?
- kuar ngn my prince hearty for the first time. tp tak cple lg.

What about this year?
- dunno yet

How do you relax?
- sleeping, shopping, 

Whats your favorite book?
- remaja, novel

Who was the last person to text you?
- prince hearty

What about call you?
- mama.

Who was your last ex?
- sorg mamat yang study kt MiCOST

Have you ever been drunk?
- sentuh pun haremmm

What did you wear last halloween?
- tak men la celec holloween

When did you last cry?
- now

Are your parents still together?
- wajib

Who did you last argue with?
- kot

What time did you go to bed last night?
- 0300

Who is your best friend?
- ramai....... skg lynne, wani, 

Do you bite your nails?
- duluuuuuu

What about toe nails?
- hakhak! tak senonoh!

What are your hobbies?
- byk

Have you ever watched the sun set?
- yupe. sgt chantek!

Where did last vacation to?
- vacation?? chiangmai, thailand

Whats your hair color?
- black

What are you wearing?
- shirt n sluar

Do you wear makeup?
- now? nope. kuar, yes

Do you get hayfever?
- apa tu??

What music are you into?
- love song, most to english song

Have you ever been out with your best friend’s ex?
- gila

Ever sneak out of your house?
- nope

What did you do today?
- badmood

What are you doing tomorrow?
- balik umh. mlm nk on9 key in jadual sem depan. 

Whats the last thing you ate?
- wafel

Are you a forgiving person?
- yup but not forgetting

Are you mad at anyone right now?
- nope

Are you talking to anyone while doing this?
- nope

Ever had a garage sale?
- never

What is/was your school like?
- like a school lorr

Describe your best friend?
- sorg sengal, dua2 happening.

Do you like your partner’s family?
- yeah, havoc

When did you last smile and why?
- just now. farisha bt lawak.

Have you ever cheated in a test?
- tyme skolah dulu

Are you scared of falling in love?
- nope. suma tu lumrah kehidupan

Have you ever felt replaced?
- um2

Do you trust your friends?
- yupe....

Do you like coffee?
- nope. yaks!

Have you had kids?
- bachelor gitu..

If not, do you want them?
- mst la. lps kawin. anak kn penyeri rumah tangga. ceewaa!!!

Are you brainy
- when it comes to enjoy. haha

What was the last film you watched?
- queen of langkasuka

Whats the time?
- 1410

How old are you going to be in 7 months?
- 19years 11month

Was yesterday better then today?

- nope

When did you last see your mum?
- past few days

Your dad?
- same with mom.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend?
- past 2days

Do you smile often?
- depends on my mood

Do you collect anything?
- LV, hello kitty, shoe, watch, brooch, 

Can you remember your dreams?
- always in my mind

Do they come true?
- 40%

Who would you kill right now if you could?
- nope. tak baik...

Where were you 4 hours ago?
- dalam bilik. tido

What song describes your life right now?
- letto permintaan hati

Whats your biggest regret?
- dunno

Whats your body type?
- erk. a lil bit chubby.

Do you have any scars?
- parut jerawat termasuk tak??

What from?
- dh nama parut jerawat. 

What pets do you have?
- two cats, fishes

Where do you get your music from?
- internet and friends

Your most recent lie
- haha.. recently nope

A lie you tell yourself
- saya budak baik. bluerk!!

You are embarrassed when you
- pretending that i am beautiful. hakhak!

The memory that still makes you laugh
- my love story

How you picture the end of the world
- dunia tu bumi kn? bumi itu bulat. so di mana hujungnya?

7 people you would like to see to take this:-
- haz
- abg ayub
- little ain
- kak munie
- roslinda
- abg hyuga
- insan tinggi

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